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Accès Audition : Invisible and Highly Esthetic Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids, Noise Protection, Telephone Amplifiers and More in St-Eustache

Located in St-Eustache, Accès Audition offers hearing care services, providing hearing aids that will give you confidence, comfort and privacy. We offer all models of hearing aids, custom ear plugs for musicians or swimmers and noise protection. We also offer assistive listening devices such as telephone amplifiers and FM systems for televisions or other appliances, along with all related accessories and components.


Located 600 meters west of the old church in St-Eustache, facing the Olivier Chénier CLSC on Chemin d’Oka road, Bernard Dumont, Audioprosthetist, is proud to present his new, modernized premises now with an access ramp. In March 2012, Mr. Dumont took over the practice of Mr. Guy Martin, an audioprosthetist working for over 25 years in the St-Eustache region. The business is now known as Accès Audition and is a member in good standing of the Ordre des audioprothésistes du Québec, therefore meeting OAQ and APAQ standards guaranteeing service quality.

Problems Associated with Deafness

People with a hearing impairment often become very lonely because they are tired of asking people to repeat things and are afraid of appearing ridiculous when they mishear a question and give the wrong answer. Most hearing loss is in the mid to high frequencies, which makes it hard to hear consonants (which sound almost like whispers) while vowels are heard more clearly. The problem is understanding words without consonants. Hence the phrase “I can hear, but I can’t understand.” Hearing aids can solve that problem.

Professional Associations

Personalized Service

“You are not just a number. The time I spend with my patients is important. Each person with hearing impairment requires special care and personalized attention, as well as good follow-up to properly rehabilitate because it is important to fit you according to YOUR needs.”

This is where Accès Audition stands out: personalized service, satisfaction and quality of life.


  • Hearing aids
  • Electro acoustic analysis
  • Follow-up and rehabilitation
  • Audiology
  • Treatment of tinnitus
  • Assistive hearing appliances
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