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Informative Meeting

Lasting about an hour with the audioprosthetist, this free consultation meeting will provide you with all the information you need to know about your particular hearing problem so you can obtain personalized hearing aids or appliances.

Hearing Test and Otoscopy

At Accès Audition in St-Eustache, you can also take a hearing test here in order to determine:

  • The extent of your hearing loss

  • Your eligibility for a paying agency

  • The condition of your outer, middle and inner ear (combined with otoscopy)

  • The type of equipment and technology required for the above conditions

Depending on the location and type of hearing loss and combined with the otoscopy, an audiometry will enlighten you about the challenges you face daily and help us determine exactly what you need.

The fees for a hearing test other than a screening are $45 or $70 if an audiologist is required.

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Hearing Test

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Insured Services

All costs related to equipment eligible for a paying agency such as Quebec health insurance, CSST or Veterans Affairs will be charged directly to those agencies.

Follow-up and Rehabilitation

This service is free of charge and is essential to the person’s rehabilitation to the world of sound. Shortly after being fitted with your hearing aid, you can discuss any residual difficulties encountered. Your hearing care professional may, if necessary, change the settings to improve your listening comfort. Following this meeting, another follow-up will be given depending on needs identified by the audioprosthetist.

House Call

This service, at a cost of $65, is designed especially for people who are unable to come to our office. However, it is preferable to get an appointment to come to the office. A ramp for disabled people is at the building entrance.


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